Beneficiaries are chosen four times per year and are supported with fundraising events, and all proceeds from apparel sold during that fundraising period.  

As of April 2, 2017, more than $105,000 has been raised and donated directly to various beneficiaries:

April 2017

Our third fundraising WOD event with CrossFit Barbending (CFBB), in East Brunswick, NJ.  This year our collaboration event supported Eden Autism and raised more than $3000, donated directly to Eden.      

March 2017

Not all events include kettlebells. This year two runners represented Kettlebells 4 Autism at the ShamWalk in support of Geneve Centre for Autism (GCA), in Toronto.  They raised more than $700 and look forward to taking part again next year. 


February 2016

The Toronto Kettlebell Queens, a team of kettlebell sport athletes in Toronto, Ontario, collaborated with us on this event in support of Geneva Centre for Autism (GCA).  The 10K Swing Challenge invited participants to complete ten thousand swings over 30 days while raising funds for GCA. Over 40 participants took part and raised $5,800, with all proceeds going directly to GCA.  

October 2015

Our 2nd collaboration event with the One Hour Long Cycle, International Kettlebell Lifting Charity Event. More than 620 lifters participated, across 16 countries, raising more than $29,000.  This year, multiple organizations were supported including Global Autism Project (USA), Geneva Centre for Autism (Canada), and Autism Initiative, Unitied Kingdom. This year also included prizes from the following generous donors: Kettlebell Kings, Laboratory of Champions, Kettlebell Athletica, Kettlebell Iron Diva, Extreme Kettlebell, and World Champion, Denis Vasilev

Links: Facebook Event Page  YouTube Summary Video

September 2015

Thanks to Lululemon Burlington and Evolution Fitness, over 4 Sunday's participants took part in complimentary boot camps and completed 90 seconds of kettlebells swings in support of Community Living Burlington.  Lululemon donated $0.25 per kettlebell swing and in addiiton to other donations, raised more than $2,600. 

April 2015

Thanks to CrossFit Barbending (NJ), Speed Strength & Conditioning (ON), LuluLemon Vaughan Mills (ON), and Girya Garage (VA), over $5000 was raised for the event beneficiary Global Autism Project, 2015 Skill Corp to Indonesia.

October 2014 

Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT)- this event was a collaboration with the One Hour Long Cycle, Annual Fundraising Event. More than 750 kettlebell lifters participated, across 71 satellite locations and 15 countries.  Although the goal of this event was to raise $20,000, more than $36,000 was raised. 

Links: Fundly Donation Page   Facebook Event Page   Video Summary

May 2014

Easter Seals Pacific Autism Centre - Thanks to Blue Coast CrossFit for initiating and organizing this event.  Selling tshirts and taking donations from participants of the first annual Leeward Kettlebell Open, $500 was raised. 

April 2014

Geneva Centre for Autism - one of two beneficiaries of the Kettlebells 4 Autism, Annual KB4A 90.  This event was supported by participants across Canada, who committed to completing various workouts or movements, some only 90 seconds in duration, showing that 90 seconds is all it takes to make an impact on Autism research, treatment, raising awareness and acceptance.    More than $7,000 was raised for this beneficiary. 

Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT)- the second beneficiary of the Kettlebells 4 Autism, Annual KB4A 90.  This event was supported by participants across the United States.  More than $5,000 was raised for this beneficiary. 

February 2013 

Kettlebells 4 Autism was inspired by a fundraising campaign to send a family in Ontario to attend Surfers Healing. In collaboration with the OCD Collective, Kettlebells 4 Autism assisted in raising more than $10,000 for the Wells family.